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Claddagh Moving is a Small local moving business.

Essentially we are a few friends who have worked in the moving business for over 10 years each , and like a lot of people who have worked for a big company , we decided we can do this ourselves and better.

We have now expanded to 4 guys and 2 trucks (18ft & 24ft Box) about 5 days a week.

We offer a great service and a very affordable price. Our trucks come fully equipped with a stack of blankets, to protect your furniture, dollys for efficiency , shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, basically everything a professional grade moving service needs to move your belongings without incident.

We also know what we are doing. Our spatial awareness is like no others.

We blanket wrap , shrink wrap, whatever items need a tender touch , before we move it off your premises.

All items get a blanket thrown over it in the truck to assure nothing, gets damaged.

We are a small local service, but make no mistake , we are not a small skilled one.

We know all the tricks in the moving game, We are Quick, Careful, Efficient & Affordable.

Please call us today to help you move, we know you'll be glad you did.
















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