Claddagh Moving  - An Irish Operated Affordable Moving Service



We are a small 2 truck moving service which specialize in moving households is an timely manner and at an affordable price. We  have been helping people like you, move throughout the bay area for about 4 years now. Moving from a bedroom/studio size apartment, up to a 2-4 bedroom apt/house. If you have a bigger place, feel free to call.


Claddagh Moving are a perfect fit for you if you are looking for an Affordable professional moving service. From small simple moves  or larger projects we give you a great service at a great price.


Our Truck and Service comes fully equipped with Wardrobe Boxes (Hanging clothes), Dollies , Moving Blankets, Tape , Tool , Rope, Shrink Wrap  and years of experience in getting your move done properly. We don't mess around , we try to get  in and get out in a timely manner saving you money.



You can trust Claddagh Moving Movers.