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Claddagh Moving  - An Irish Operated Affordable Moving Service



We have been helping people like you, move throughout the bay area for about 4 years now. Moving from a bedroom/studio size apartment, up to a 2-3 bedroom apt/house. If you have a bigger place, feel free to call.


Claddagh Moving are a perfect fit for you if you are looking for an Affordable professional moving service. From small simple moves  or larger projects we give you a great service at a great price.


We mainly move Apartments in size from a Studio up to a 3 bedroom House.


Our Truck and Service comes fully equipped with Wardrobe Boxes (Hanging clothes), Dollies , Moving Blankets, Tape , Tool , Rope, Shrink Wrap  and years of experience in getting your move done properly. We don't mess around , we try to get  in and get out in a timely manner saving you money.



You can trust Claddagh Moving Movers.