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                                                       Claddagh Moving                                 Oakland , Ca                               (510) 717-9987                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Claddagh Moving is a Oakland based moving co.

We are a small outfit running 2 trucks and 4 guys.

To be honest , we like to keep it small. This way we can focus on the attention to detail side of the business. It also keeps our overhead costs small, which calculates to less headache for Us and great savings for You 

We offer a great service and a very affordable price. Our trucks come fully equipped with a stack of blankets, to protect your furniture, dollys for efficiency , shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, basically everything a professional grade moving service needs to move your belongings without incident.

We also know what we are doing. Our spatial awareness is like no others.

We blanket wrap , shrink wrap, whatever items need a tender touch , before we move it off your premises.

All items get a blanket thrown over it in the truck to assure nothing, gets damaged.

We are a small local service, but make no mistake , we are not a small skilled one.

We know all the tricks in the moving game, We are Quick, Careful, Efficient & Affordable.

Please call us today to help you move, we know you'll be glad you did.
















Hours       8am - 8pm Everyday

(510) 717-9987

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